Network Setup/Admin


With semicolon it is about quality network administration and network setup. We install small office network to large enterprise computer networks. We setup hardwares like router/gateway/firewall device, connect you to the internet via wireless/cable/DSL modem, connect your work space to a hub, connect all of your PCs to the hub, configure all PCs for your private network use.

Network Support
Remember us for troubleshooting and maintenance of your network systems. You focus on your works and we will handle all of the hardware and software that makes up your business network.This includes various workstations that are connected to each other in order to communicate, as well as other hardware for data handling like servers. All of this hardware is generally arranged in complex patterns, especially in a larger business with multiple office locations, and maintaining a large office network often requires a dedicated staff of network support technicians. We are here.

We regularly monitor our existing network installations. This can include checking hardware, where the support technician may work with cabling and individual hardware pieces. It also includes fixing software problems, where support technicians use specific diagnostic tools according to the type of software that the network was built with. We try to match the skill sets of the network support staff with the kinds of hardware and software products that were used to create the network.

Network Administration
Competent IT work is an essential part of daily life and communications which makes network administration a pivotal role in the information age. With this knowledge, we tend be easily accessible and communicable in your network administration works. We are well familiar with operating systems like, Linux and Microsoft. We are good at network configurations, server setup and system programming. We ensure the system functions smoothly. With our good organizational and problem solving skills, we set up a network, as well as diagnose and solve system problems. Further, we are good at communicating the IT complexion to not IT person.

We value your choice.