Graphics Design


At Semicolon, we believe that graphics design should give you unique market identity. We carefully start selecting your ideas, connecting them with colors and spaces, giving you your brand image. You can rely on our talented team of designers and animators for all your graphics design and animation needs. Creativity flows in instincts, our breadth of graphic design, depth of expertise, and resourcefullness is why we are confident in giving you an unmatched graphic design services. Never underestimate, with so many production techniques and a huge choice of providers, the scope for getting things wrong is almost unlimited.

We design for future, we build your site to allow easier additions/modification to your site without having a complete redesign.

tick-image-icon Logo design
tick-image-icon Business Branding
tick-image-icon Hoarding/Posters/Flyer/Pamphlets
tick-image-icon Publications
tick-image-icon Brochure designs
tick-image-icon Business Cards / Visiting- Cards designs
tick-image-icon Multimedia resources design (audio, video and text based animations)
tick-image-icon 3D animation/rendering/advertisements
tick-image-icon Website designs/ re-designs.

Logo Development
Logo is a company identifier, that is to say “Nike” always looks like Nike. We create beautiful logos and with uniqueness. With logo design we give you a basic design palette for your future design works, if needed.

Print Design
Our main focus with print is to create stunning business cards on quality stock derived from recycled paper. Brochure designs, print advertisement graphics, business card designs, and product print design are some of the things we create.

Have professional business cards.. it is your identity. Let’s design it.

We have years of experience creating business flyers and brochures. From flyers to local business print material we can help your business grow.

Business Branding
A brand is a business message that travels across your staffs, customers and overall organization culture.We’ll work with you to define your message and from there we’ll create your identity – website, logo, and print. The most important aspect in building design for you is to understand your business concept. Which will give us a creativity ignition. That’s why we listen more and talk less, to understand your concepts in details.

Web Icon Design
Remember us when you are ready to pay for a high quality custom web icon designs for you web application or site.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)/ Keyword Optimization
SEO requires good, descriptive content. We use keyword analysis, valid CSS and XHTML. We care about our clients web reach. We’ll help you write content that is clear and search-crawler friendly.

We work on bringing your ideas to life. We require details because we don’t own a share in your company. If you are good at conveying your ideas, we are good at making them bright, shine and talented enough to give you an excellent design.

Try a project with us.