Desktop Application


Let’s move ahead, the IT world now is running on .NET Platforms, JAVA, Adobe AIR, Ms-SQL, Oracle and other advanced technologies. The good part is, we managed to engage ourselves in designing and building Desktop applications over these platforms, quiet well.

We build following types of applications:

tick-image-icon Enterprise Application Development
tick-image-icon Accounting Software
tick-image-icon Management Information Systems (MIS)
tick-image-icon Customer relationship management (CRM)
tick-image-icon Classroom Management
tick-image-icon Learning/Training Management Software
tick-image-icon Survey Systems
tick-image-icon Data Entry Systems
tick-image-icon Departmental stores Software
tick-image-icon Contact Management
tick-image-icon Custom Email/Blog clients
tick-image-icon 2D/3D games
tick-image-icon Backup Tools
tick-image-icon Customized Desktop Environments for Windows (Desktop themes/screen-savers)

We have a passion for clean code. We like building things on the base of your ideas. Our applications tend to be modular, easy to upgrade and manage. We follow software development methodologies depending upon the complexity of the application we build. We value your time and hence follow Rapid Application Development (RAD) with Prototyping Approach to give you quality solution in time. Your each test/feedback in our iterative development methods will lead to optimized/quality product.

When we sit to talk about desktop development, we talk two times and listen four times, first taking your side and thinking in term of issues you are trying to address, then we talk about our knowledge in the domain. Writing code is not our plain motivation, addressing your ideas is. Further, you may have excellent product ideas to share, give us chance to study its feasibility and market value.

In desktop application development, we are more concerned to give you user-friendly and effective applications that works offline and run out of the web browser. The world is talking about internet every time, if you too thinking about Rich Internet Desktop Applications (RIDAs), we know the principles. We can build desktop interface that you can use to manage your web application, with full content synchronization and realtime updates.

With our expertise and technical experience, we build Desktop Applications that smooths the complexity of your business processes, improve your performance and accelerate your business productivity. By making all those complicated operations simpler, our Desktop Applications help you synchronize important processes and streamline your IT operations in a proper, scalable manner.

We started writing code in Qbasic on DOS/Win3.1 and at times, running OpenGL/OpenAL codes in gcc. We used those applications to engage our group of few hundred users. We wrote scripts that removed all the known virus script with one click. We did Visual Basic projects for fun. We ran a mechanical robot with its embedded line tracking module. We controlled our home appliances with a PC or mobile SMS. We learned most while we tried building 3D games with VC++. Our familiarity in friendly application development is a way long. Those days were how we learned to code, we all did this, at school.

We like to do research a lot, this is how we improve our skills. If you have plans to work on projects that requires Artificial Intelligence, Analytic Suggestion and Prediction systems, remember us.

Let’s meet and talk about your idea.