Semicolon Developers


Domain Experts Semicolon Developers is a web and software development company registered on 2008 as “Semicolon Developers Network Pvt. Ltd.” in Nepal. Our primary vision for establishment is providing quality service implementing latest development trends in web and mobile platforms. We are highly focused on building top quality products.


Unique Identity A strong work relationship with tech communities is what motivates us to do more. Be it providing consultancy or tech support or bringing in international events and conferences to Nepal and facilitating them. We strongly believe technology advancement happens in combined effort of companies and communities.


Market FocusWe have a strong R&D work always kicking in the background. We investing time, money and our passion on our unique tech products separates us from competition in the sense that we understand our market, our customers and we are committed to provide tailored solutions to their need.


Open Source Admirers As part of Semicolon Labs we have published source code and our computer course materials. We extensively use Open Source products to speed up development. We regularly share product ideas, source code etc via our Developers Blog.

Web Development


Web Development includes visualizing your ideas in terms of your institutional background and providing you with a web site where you can showcase your organizational works and portfolios with ease.

mobile Development


With Mobile development we work on system that require SMS VAS (Value Added Services ) exposure to your application, existing or being built. We provide you a SMS Short Code, that works well on NTC, NCell, UTL etc

Computer courses


Programming is not just writing “code”. It is a philosophy, it is the power of programmer to understand and solve a problem in terms of chosen set of keywords and constructs. Have interest in computers and codes ?